Linux is probably the most stable, secure and reliable OS there is. Notwithstanding the fact that most computers in India and around the world still run Windows, those who have used Linux once will never even think about switching to any other OS.

Linux is open-source software, and as a result there are many different variations which have been created on top of the Linux kernel. Each of these versions, known as distributions or “distros” is built to serve a specific purpose.

So today, let us explore some of the best Linux distros for beginners.

Caught Fapping

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Linux Lite

As the name suggests, Linux Lite is a lightweight distro that is specifically made for new users. Built upon the Ubuntu LTS, this flavor of Linux comes loaded with a bevy of applications that allow you to perform all your usual computing needs. With a clean user interface, speedy execution and uncomplicated operation, you won’t make a mistake by starting your Linux journey on this distro.

Linux Mint

For any Windows users looking to migrate to the Linux world, Linux Mint is one of the best choices. Based on Ubuntu, this distro features two user-friendly desktop choices: Cinnamon and Mate. Of these, Cinnamon has a more Windows like feel with the familiar icons and menus. It is also very lightweight, and can easily be run on older machines with lower configurations. So if you have an old laptop or desktop gathering dust, fire it up with Linux Mint and bring it back to life.

Manjaro Linux

Although Manjaro Linux is based on the rather advanced Arch Linux variant, its user-friendliness is one of the major factors why it’s perfect for new users. The installation is very easy, and once installed you get access to a wide range of pre-loaded applications that you can use. Manjaro comes with multiple desktops so you can easily choose one that you feel is best. Perhaps the most striking feature of Manjaro is its automatic hardware detection which eliminates the driver problems that many associate with other Linux distros. Stable, powerful and sleek in appearance, Manjaro is backed by a dedicated support community.

Zorin OS

Zorin OS is the perfect choice for Windows users who are just starting out on Linux. Based on a stable Ubuntu platform, Zorin has a theme engine known as the ‘Zorin Look Changer’ which allows you to make your desktop look like Windows 7 and other versions of Windows. Further, the OS comes pre-loaded with a huge amount of application software; so you won’t have to download any new applications. But perhaps the most striking feature of Zorin is that it has Wine and PlayOnLinux, which make it possible to install and use Windows applications on this distro.


Ubuntu is perhaps the most popular Linux distro there is. Based on Debian, Ubuntu is a stable OS which itself forms the basis of multiple other distros. The GNOME desktop environment comes with a clean interface that newcomers can easily navigate. Add to that a number of pre-installed apps, excellent community support and an app store for downloading many more, and you can’t go wrong if your are starting with Ubuntu.

There are many more Linux distros available, but these are the most suitable for beginners. What’s more, all of these are free to download, and you can create a bootable DVD or USB using these distros, which allows you to run a “Live” session directly from the bootable media without going through the hassle of a full installation. So choose the distro you think is most suitable for you and start your Linux journey.