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Learn, share and grow a vibrant Linux user community and promote Linux OS enabled training programs in Kolkata, India and worldwide.
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Embrace Open Source Culture with Linux
Rising popularity of Linux amongst academic institutions in India is setting the stage right for businesses in India to embrace the open source system for growth.


Read and review codes to learn and practice simultaneously


Share in the open source space with like-minded techpreneurs


Take the nation’s growth journey in IT and other industries to the next level

Business Philosophy

Quoting beliefs of Linus Torvalds, founder of Linux Systems, he says, “The best way for an open-source project to grow is to use the, ‘If you build they will come’ model.” You have to start working on the execution aspect of transforming ideas to reality, since this is where most business plans come to fruition in the form of excellent results.

Free Software Movement Began In The Late 90s & 2000s

To evoke series of arguments debating on the need for open-source technologies in the democratic Republic of India. Those earlier manifestations of disappointment experienced by the free software enthusiasts primarily imposed and later necessitated the need for open source software systems in India.


Linux Server OS Adoption Growth

Small & Medium Enterprises

Why Linux?

Linux is the most secure OS, flexible and modular platform that facilitates installation of thousands of programs for free on various distributions.

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Join Us On A Quest

To bring the Linux OS experience back to life, empowered with a whole new set of digital tools and free-to-install packages to make the experimentation exercise, challenging and exciting in the times to come.

Latest News & Updates

Get latest news and updates of Linux Distributions along with the Linux community in India
Best Linux Distributions For Beginners

Best Linux Distributions For Beginners

Linux is probably the most stable, secure and reliable OS there is. Notwithstanding the fact that most computers in India and around the world still run Windows, those who have used Linux once will never even think about switching to any other OS. Linux is open-source...

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Resolving The Kernel: How Linux Keeps You In The Light

Resolving The Kernel: How Linux Keeps You In The Light

Kernel issues are rare, but when they do occur, it causes the functional machines on Linux OS to hang several times - both interruptible and non-interruptible. Determining the type and reason for linux server hangs is important to troubleshoot the...

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